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Welcome! A New Year - A New Name!

Shay Carpenter is expanding the team and becoming the Owl Education Group

We're excited to announce the expansion of our business, and rebranding from "Shay Carpenter LLC" to "The Owl Education Group". Starting a new business is quite a challenge but we're happy to say that things are going well. Our rebranding and expansion is a reflection of the tremendous need in our community for thoughtful, research-based, and family-focused academic support.

Why the new name? Quite simply, we're more than just one person. Shay Carpenter is the founder and director but she's surrounded by an exceptional team of caring experts including Jean Wright-Yamamoto, Dr. Dorie Glover, and Charlie Wampfler. We're truly a "group" and our new name is a reflection of that culture. Of course, everyone loves owls because they're a hoot ;-).

Please stop by the office to say hello or schedule a free consultation.

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